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The Bridal Team specializes in bridal makeup & bridal hairstyles, exclusively working on weddings. We offer our brides a signature luxury bridal experience. Our multi-award-winning bridal team has worked with over 400+ weddings, bringing you our curated all-inclusive bridal beauty experience. 

The Bridal Team is located in Sudbury, Ontario, and we provide on-location services for weddings and travel to various surrounding areas in Ontario and beyond. The Bridal Suite location is where we host all bridal previews and other services. The Bridal Team consists of Bridal Makeup Artists & Hairstylists, who specialize in bridal beauty. The Bridal Team exclusively offers bridal beauty services to our brides and bridal clients.

Lead Bridal Artists Kristina & Angel are exclusively for our BRIDES. Kristina & Angel specialize in both Bridal Makeup & Hair and work on our Brides. Kristina the Makeup Artist does all of our Bride's Makeup and Angel the Hairstylist does our Bride's Hairstyles. The Bridal Beauty Team joins Kristina & Angel for Bridal Paty Bookings when required.

The Bridal Team has everything from Bridal Makeup Artists to Bridal Hairstylists, Assistants, and Skin Care Specialists. Each Bridal Artist is trained in the BLUSHED BRIDAL way, bringing our bridal clients' luxurious, relaxing bridal beauty services to your location.  

The Bridal Team
Kristina & Angel

The Bridal Team

makeup artist sudbury

I have been working in the Beauty Industry for over 12 years, doing Makeup and making others feel beautiful is my all-time passion. I started my beauty business back in 2016 and started exclusively working with bridal clients was the best move yet. I am The Bridal Beauty Coordinator for all weddings and take care of everything related to the bridal beauty business, I am also the Lead Makeup Artist for the Bridal Beauty Teams. I also provide skincare and bridal hair services. Whether I am doing bridal makeup or hair for your big day, I am always making sure your bridal beauty look and your big day is perfection. I look forward to working together with you to make your wedding day a day to remember and to create your ideal bridal beauty vision that you will love for the years to come. View Kristina's work by clicking on her name.

hairstylist sudbury

I have had a passion for hair and makeup since I was a young girl, I have been doing Hairstyling for the past 7 years and it is my number 1 passion. Since establishing Blushed with Kristina back in 2016 we have worked together to create the most ideal bridal beauty experience that is exclusive to our bridal clients. I have worked with many different types of hair and hairstyles and take great pleasure in all things to do with hair. I specialize in bridal updo's & styles on all hair textures and lengths. I also do bridal Makeup as well, whether it is hair or makeup for your big day, I will always work hard to bring your bridal beauty visions to life, exactly how you envisioned it to look. I look forward to working with and creating the bridal hair you have envisioned for your special day. I can't wait to have you in my chair. View Angel's work by clicking on her name.


Sandra is our Bridal Stylist & Men's Stylist for weddings. Sandra specializes in bridal styles and men's styles. Sandra's styling skills range from bridal up-do's, to stunning half-down do's and gorgeous glam waves. Sandra also provides men's grooming services for the grooms and groomsmen who are looking to be pampered. Sandra has been with Blushed for 2 seasons working many large weddings with The Bridal Beauty Team. Sandra exclusively works with The Bridal Beauty Team offering her bridal styling services to our bridal clients only. Sandra works fast and efficiently, providing our bridal clients with their ideal bridal style every time. You can view Sandra's portfolio and work by clicking on her name.


Kori-Lynn is the Bridal Beauty Team's Facialist & MUA Assistant. Specializing in Luxury Skin Care Kori-Lynn offers on-location facials for our bridal clients and weddings. Also providing men's grooming services & facials for our groom and groomsmen. Kori-Lynn is also The Bridal Beauty Team's Assistant, she mainly assists with Makeup Artist prep and curling hair, which allows our Bridal Beauty Team to work more efficiently and get bridal parties done in a timely manner. Kori-Lynn has worked many large bridal bookings with the team over the years and has been with The Bridal Beauty Team for 2 plus seasons. Kori's Portfolio can be viewed by clicking her name.

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