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Beauty is very important to us here at Blushed Makeup & Beauty Bar. Some people think that you can just through some makeup on and style your hair. But what most people don't understand is that to have a flawless makeup finish and gorgeous smooth hair, it takes some preparations in order to achieve this perfect and flawless finish. 


It all starts with what you put into your body and what you put on your body. Eating healthy and drinking plenty of water is a big help in having flawless skin without a lot of hard work. But you should get regular facials, especially leading up to your wedding. Preparing yourself isn't that much work, allow the experts at Blushed Makeup & Beauty Bar to do so. This way we have you fully prepared for your wedding day or special event. And a little self-care never hurts anybody either.

Here at Blushed Makeup & Beauty Bar, we offer a variety of Esthetic Services in our Studio location in Sudbury, Ontario. We offer various facials, brow treatments, lash treatments, hair treatments, blowouts & men's grooming. 


We offer a variety of facial services. We provide everything from mini facials to full luxury facials, facial treatments, and much more. Facials are perfect for makeup prep, getting ready for your big day, clearing up acne-prone skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and skin regeneration. Facial treatments included basic facials, facial massages, microdermabrasion, hydrafacial, dermaplaning, microneedling, BB glow facials, million dollar facial, enzyme peels. chemical peels, UV light photo therapy mask and many other facial services. Our facialist & skin experts like to customize our facials per client, everyone has different needs and different concerns and we are here to help you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Looking for flawlessly shaped and customized brow design? We can provide you will tame, fluffy & model like brows at Blushed. We offer a wide range of semi-permanent brow services. Our brow services include brow wax & shape, brow tint, brow henna, brow lamination, brow rehab & 3D brows. Allow our brow expert to fully customize flawless brows that everyone will be jealous of. We believe that everyone has natural beauty and we love to work off the natural brow shape, this way your brows will still look natural but very groomed.

Young Model
Long Lashes


Do you want your natural lashes to pop? Without having to sit there for hours and hours to get lash extensions that just fall out? Our lash artist believes in the integrity and health of your natural lashes. That is why we only provide our clients with lash lift & tint. This lash list process enhances your natural lashes by lifting them and darkening them. This gives the effect of lash extensions without having to get fills each week. The lash lift & tint is amazing for any client who feels like their lashes can use a quick pick me up. We also provide a lash rehab program were we can really bring your damaged lashes back to life.


Here at Blushed, we are all about the face. We provide facial hair removal and waxing. Of course, we wax and thread the brows, but what about that other unwanted facial hair? We also provide lip wax, full facial waxing, facial threading. There are many ways to remove that unwanted facial hair, and the vellus facial hair aka peach fuzz does not grow back any thicker or darker over time. With waxing, your hairs will begin to slow down in growth over time. An other option for facial hair removal would be the facial dermaplaning, which will remove all facial hair and dead skin cells.

Eyebrow Wax
Hair Salon Blow Dry


Blow Outs are one of the beauty salons most underrated beauty and hair treatments in the beauty industry. Blow outs are perfect for smoothing out your hair, giving it natural volume, bounce and overall sleekness without having to straighten it. We do offer regular blow outs, wash & blow, hair treatments and smoothing treatments.


We offer men's grooming for wedding days & bridal parties, but we also do regular men's grooming. Men can get pampered too, don't forget that. It is one of the beauty industries' fasting growing treatments. We basically do everything stated above for men as well, men's facial treatments, facial waxing, beard grooming, blow outs, and hairstyling.

Barber Grooming

All Pre-Bridal Aesthetics Services can be done in The Bridal Suite or booked on location services prior to the Wedding. All Pre-Bridal Aesthetics & Bridal Beauty services are only available to our reserved Brides & Bridal Clients only.

Image by Valerie Elash

Pre-Bridal Esthetics Services

Get ready for your big day by booking in some of our Esthetics services. This will have your looking and feeling your absolute best inside and out.

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