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Skin Care Consultations are offered before ever facial treatment we service for our new clients. Allowing us to sit down and go over all the information needed to provide you with the best results that we can with our services. 

Skin Care Consultations can be done prior to your facial treatments, via virtual zoom call or they can be done before your first facial treatment with us.

All of our clients will require a skin care consultation prior to their first facial treatment with us.

Skin Care Consultations typica;;y take 15 to 20 minutes to complete and you will be required to answer a series of skin, diet, lifestyle, products, allergies, meditation and so on inside the consultation. Allowing us to get a better over view of everything we need to look at to better serve you for best results.

We offer a variety of facial treatments that are customized to each clients skin type, skin needs and concerns. All of our facial treatments are listed at the bottom of this page with a description of each service, 

Our facial treatments use all organic skin care and holistic skincare methods to allow us to help each client focus on the whole, body mind and soul of each client. Allowing us to use natural and organic ingredients and holistic methods to improve your skins health and leaving you with a glowing complexion.



Holistic Facials allow us to focus on skin health and the over all being as a whole, body, mind and soul of our clients. Providing a relaxing and zen atmosphere for your holistic facial treatment, with tranquil meditation music, a cleared and quiet space for you to lay back, relax and get swept away by your deep inner state. 

Your Holistic Facial Treatment provides you with much more then healthy glowing skin, you will be healing from the inside out and getting that relaxation and self care that each one of us needs for ourselves.

Take that time out for you to focus on your mental health, psycial health and skin health.


Are you a BRIDE TO BE? Be ready for your Wedding day with your BRIDAL FACIAL TREATMENTS. Make sure your skin is flawless and ready for your Bridal Makeup for your Wedding day with the Bridal Glow Facials. 

Exclusive to Our BLUSHED BRIDES can book a VIP BRIDAL GLOW FACIAL on their Wedding morning before we start GLAM.

Bridal Glow Facials are offered in a series of Facial Treatments working up to the Wedding for all BRIDES TO BE.

Exclusive Disscounts for BRIDAL GLOW SERIES PACKAGES.

Facial treatments
Natural Lotions


Our Organic Skin Care & Body Care Line, Aloette Cosmetics. Made with all natural and organic ingredients that are farm to jar.

Let us find the perfect Skin Care Routine for your at home care today.


All of our Facial Treatments are offered in a series of facial treatment packages for you to book for optimal results.

Facial Packages are available in a series of 4 to 6 facial treatments based on your skincare needs and concerns.

Bridal Facials are available in 6 + facials based on the amount of time working up to your wedding date.

We book in facials typically every 4 weeks but can be done within 3-6 week range depending on your end results.

Facial Treatment

Are you looking to start your skincare journey?

Fill out our Skin Care Inquiry Form


Choose from our series of facial treatments, each facial is customized based on the clients skin type, skin needs and your concerns. We choose our products for each facial based on these topics and each treatment service is as stated below.

All Facial Treatments are available in 60 minute & 90 minute treatments.



THAT GLOW Facials are your base facial, double cleaning the skin, gentle exfoliation, hot steam &  towel, facial oil with mini massage, a hydro jelly mask, moisturizer, eye gel & eye mask and lip mask to reveal a glowing you.



YOU GLOW GIRL Facial Massage is your facial treatment that focuses on massage to stimulate the blood flow and focuses on lymphic drainage, double cleansing, gentle exfoliation, hot steam & towel, facial oil with a facial massage,, followed by a hydrojelly mask and topped with an eye gel & eye mask, and lip mask to reveal a plump and hydrated you.



INNER GLOW Holistic Facials focus on the skin but just as equally the body, mind and soul. Your holistic facial treatment is set in a zen atmosphere with meditation music to help relax. Followed by a double cleansing, organic enzyme peel, hot stream and towel, facial oil and massage, gua sha massage and finished with moisturizer, eye gels and eye mask and a lip mask.

Acne Treatment


GLOW UP Dermaplaning Facial Treatments allow you to remove all vellus hair and dead skin cells mechanically with a blade, revealing smooth and fresh skin. Dermaplaning Facials start with a double clean, gentle enzyme peel exfoliation, hot steam & towel, facial oil, followed by the dermaplaning of the face & neck, followed by a hydro jelly mask, cooling facial tools to cool the skin, moisturizer, eye gel & eye mask and a lip mask.

Smooth Skin


YOU'RE GLOWING Facial are specific to ACNE & ROSACEA Treatments, were we focus soley of the treatment of Acne or Rosacea, focusing on the root cause of your inflammation, skin care, at home care and diet. Starting with a full consultation, gentle cleansing, gentle exfoliation, skin barrier repair and mini massage, topped with a moisturizer, eye gel, eye mask and lip mask. YOU'RE GLOWING Facials are a series of treatments for optimal results. 

Slumber Party


BRIDAL GLOW Facials are for our BRIDES, Facials can be done on the Wedding morning before GLAM or booked as a series of treatments working up to the wedding. Bridal Glow starts with a cleansing treatment on your face, neck and decolete, gentle enzyme peel, hot towel, facial oil and mini massage, Facial Mask, Eye Mask, Neck Massage and topped with a moisturizer, eye gel, eye patches and lip mask.

  • 1 hr

    75 Canadian dollars
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