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The SECRET to getting that Wedding GLOW ✨

Brides, as your big day approaches, it’s time to talk about skincare prep to ensure your wedding makeup is flawless and your skin is radiant.

Here’s why skincare is essential before your wedding day:

1️⃣Smooth Canvas: Great wedding makeup starts with a smooth canvas. Regular skincare routines can creating a perfect base for your bridal makeup.

2️⃣Long-Lasting Wedding Makeup: Exfoliated and Hydrated skin holds bridal makeup better, ensuring it lasts through the ceremony, photos, kissing & dancing.

3️⃣Radiant Wedding Glow: Skincare enhances your natural beauty, giving you that radiant bridal glow. Who doesn’t want to shine on their wedding day?


✨Cleansing: Cleanse your face gently every AM & PM to remove impurities.

✨Hydration: Keep your skin hydrated with a good moisturiser.

✨SPF: Protect your skin with sunscreen to prevent sun damage.

✨Exfoliation: to remove dead skin, try our enzyme peel.

✨Facials: Monthly facial to target specific needs will ensure your skin is wedding ready.

Remember, start early and consult with me for a personalised plan.

For flawless wedding makeup, our bridal makeup artist will have the perfect canvas to bring your dreams to life. Working together will ensure a magical bridal makeup look.

Your wedding day will be unforgettable, and with proper skincare, you’ll be a glowing bride ready to shine!

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