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Don’t forget these 5 things when planning your Wedding.

Weddings are always large events and while planning for your wedding things do tend to fall through the cracks. If your lucky enough to hire a professional wedding planner then they will make sure to take care of that for you. If you’ve opted out on a wedding planner, let’s make sure you don’t forget the wine. I would highly recommend to have a day of wedding coordinator or have someone you trust to take care of everything the day of, so you don’t have to. This will eliminate any wedding day stressors and allow you to sit back, get glammed up and ready to walk down that isle and say “I DO!”

As a professional bridal makeup and hair stylist, we are at a lot of weddings and we do see the things that can go wrong on the wedding day. The best thing is to be prepared for anything that day and just go with it. There’s no sense in letting one thing ruin your entire day. I have created a list of 5 things you will not want to forget about when planning your wedding.

1. The Wedding morning is about the Bride and not the guest.

This is the part of the day were we want you to focus on yourself and having the professionals take care of your makeup and hair. You should only be focusing on yourself and do what is going you make you the most happiest and relaxed. Remembering this day is all about you and your future hubby to be, don’t be worrying about everyone else. Do what you would usually do on a typical morning, if you‘d rather it loud and lively then turn up the music and make sure everyone’s there. If you enjoy a more peaceful start to to day, try closing the room off to everyone and have a cup of coffee while getting ready. Do what makes you the happiest and make sure to remember this day is all about you.

2. You can’t do it alone!

If you decide to opt in for a wedding planner or not your going to need someone you can trust to help you accurate the the perfect day. Maybe you’re maid of honour or a family member, have them help you out during the stressful moments. You can delegate everything, have your bridal party ladies help you out. Have a nervous cleaner clean he room before the photographer shows up, have your maid of honour organize all the makeup and hair appointments and have your bridesmaids bring your bags and run your phone.

3. Let the professionals do their jobs.

You are hiring professionals for a reason, so you can sit back and relax on your wedding day. Your paying them for peace of mind, so trust that you have chosen good people. That’s why you do trials, emails and phone call us prior to the wedding, so we can have everything prepared and worked out for the big day.

4. Emotions run high on the big day. Breath.

Weddings are always a beautiful event. But in some cases they can be full of tension and anxiety. There might be family members who can’t stand each other or that aunt that’s way to loud. Its absolutely normal to be stressed about these things. The process of weddings have many layers; you are entering a life long commitment with your partner and their family and you are planning for what is one of the biggest celebrations in your life. Remember to breathe and that everyone is here for you, the professionals and loved ones.

5. Something will always go wrong.

You need to prepare yourself for the mistakes and things that will go wrong on your day. If your expecting it, then it won’t be so bad when it happens. Maybe it will rain or someone’s flight might get delayed, expect the unexpected and you will be fine when things do go wrong. With such a large event as a wedding, in my experience, something always goes wrong or something unplanned for. But heres the thing, you will love everything in the end anyways. This day is about love and bringing two people together, don’t fuse about the small things or things out of your control. The only thing you can truly control is yourself, so use that power on the big day.

From all the weddings I have worked on, knowing that not everything will be perfect but you can sure try. Keep these things in mind when planning your wedding and everything for the big day.

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