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Creating customised bridal makeup and hair looks is what the bridal team does best, this allows each look to fit best for each client. Every. Single. Time. We create a customised look, it always a hit.

We absolutely love creating custom bridal makeup and hair looks based on these 4 tips, not everyone needs inspiration photos. Inspiration photos are just that, used for inspiration.

When it comes to creating your bridal beauty look for your wedding, these are my top tips;

🤍 Your wedding vibes, colours and your wedding dress will play a roll when choosing your bridal makeup and hair. We will utilise the colours chosen to choose your makeup look and the style of your wedding dress to choose your hairstyle. If your dress has details on the back and you want to show it off, wear your hair up.

🤍 Your natural features, skin tone, hair colour and your personality comes into play. Creating a look that fits you best will always provide you with the ultimate bridal look, that makes you feel like a bride.

🤍 How do you wear your makeup and hair on a daily basis? Ultimately you will want to feel your best on your wedding day, if you don’t wear makeup then go for a natural bridal makeup look and if you always have your hair down, then wear it down. Remembering, you will be wearing your bridal look for 12 plus hours, feeling an elevated version of yourself is key.

🤍 Your biggest keepsake from your wedding day will be your wedding photos. You want your bridal makeup and hair to look timeless & elevated. Hiring a seasoned bridal makeup and hair team will deliver your bridal vision. Creating the perfect bridal look that is custom to you and your vision.

Ensuring that we collaborate together to bring your bridal vision to life and customising it to make you look and feel like the bridal queen that you are.

For your bridal party makeup & hair, we love customising looks based on the same tips. Creating a cohesive and elevated bridal party look fo everyone. 

Have you chosen your bridal beauty look yet? 

Bridal Makeup & Hair Looks for you and your bridal party.

For all of our 2024 Brides and Weddings we have created a new bridal information form for you and your bridal party.

We typically create a customised look based on all of our top tips for the bridal party as well, creating a cohesive look for everyone. Which is fully customized per client, their features, colour of dress and likes vs dislikes. We do not allow anyone in the bridal party to choose your exact look for your bridal makeup and hairstyle. We also allow the bride to choose the direction of the bridal party look, if you would like. Then we can customise it for each bridal party makeup and hairstyle.

We DO NOT REQUIRE INSPIRATION PHOTOS for anyone, we can fully customize each bridal look based on our top tips.

But for anyone who wants a specific hairstyle, please have them upload photos of their natural hair style. These need to be submitted prior to the wedding day to be uploaded into the WEDDING DAY PLAN. We do not have time to view photos the day of the wedding, as this takes up to much of the timeline. We will view photos of natural hair and the desired style and create a game plan prior to the wedding day.

Our 2024 Bride's who have decided on their bridal look, please complete our new bridal information forms:


For our weddings, if anyone in your bridal party wants a specific type of look with photos or they can write what they are looking for as well and have us fully customize their bridal party looks, have them complete the bridal party information forms:

For anyone who has not yet submitted their bridal party looks and info for 2023 weddings, you can use this form as well. For everyone who has submitted already, we have everyting needed and updated inside the WEDDING DAY PLANS.


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