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Our Virtual Makeup Classes are taught by Professional Makeup Artist Kristina, all from the comfort of your home. We customize a skin care & makeup routine just for you and for as long as you will need. We also revamp your makeup & skin care products with you, for you. You can do everything from your everyday routine to doing your makeup for yourself on your wedding day. Anything you need we can customize it. 

Makeup Lessons
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Professional Makeup Artist, Esthetician & Skin Care Expert teaching you everything you need to know about skin care, brows and makeup. 

Specializing in Bridal Makeup, Makeup for Everyday Women, Skin Care, Brow Styling, Photoshoot Makeup, Glam Makeup, Soft Glam Makeup.

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Bridal Hairstyles, Event or Special Occasion Hairstyles. Teaching everyday women to style their own hair for their wedding or event. Everything you need to know about hair.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to style your own hair for any occasion? Maybe even learn to do your own hair for your wedding or maybe everyone in your bridal party wants to take lessons and learn a few tricks of the trade so that they can slay some sweet styles. Hair Lessons are available to anyone who is wanting to learn and it doesn't matter if you have any previous experience with bridal hair or wedding hairstyles. We want to create easy hairstyles that will be customized to your vision and tailored to your needs. This can be also great with regular women who are looking to spice up their daily hairstyles and are willing to learn how to curl and create easy to do everyday hairstyles, made for you. 

Hairstylist Sudbury
makeup lessons

Book your Virtual Makeup Lesson today for your Bridal Makeup Class. We will have you looking and feeling confident in your own makeup skills, enough to have you prepared and ready to do your own bridal makeup. 

Bridal Hair

Are you interested in learning to do your own hair for your wedding day? Imagine doing your own beautiful bridal hairstyle on yourself for the wedding day and maybe having your bridal party doing their own hair too. You can all look just as fabulous with doing your own bridal hair for your wedding day. Our bridal hairstylist works together with you to customize your bridal hair visions with you and with what looks best on you. I know you have it in you to do your own hair, girl.

makeup lessons

Are you looking to learn more about your skin type, skin care, makeup for your skin type, and how to do your own makeup? Well, we are here to customize everything for each client that we work with that is taking our Makeup for Everyday Women Makeup Lessons. We will teach you everything you need to know and send you off into the beauty of yourself with all of our knowledge. 

virtual hair lessons

You should take our Virtual Hair Lessons for Everyday Women to get the 411 on your own beautiful Maine. Meet with our Virtual Hairstylist to collaborate and customize your daily hair routine along with learning everything you need to know about you and your hair. 

Makeup List


Skin Care

Micellar Water

Makeup Prep




Color Corrector



Setting Powder


Eyeshadow Palette

Black Eyeliner




Brow Pencil/Powder

Brow Gel/Wax


Powder Contour

Powder Blush

Powder Highlighter


Lip Liner


Lip Gloss


Setting Spray

Makeup Brushes

Beauty Blender

Makeup Remover

Makeup Wipes

Hair List


Dry Shampoo


Heat Protector

Texturizing Spray


Paddle Brush

Round Brush

Teasing Comb

Wide Tooth Comb


Blow Dryer


Curling Iron


Large Clip 

Crocodile Clips

Bobby Pins

Bun Maker- UPDOS


Hair Serum/Cream

Shine Spray

Volume Booster


Curling Hair- If you don't have a curling iron you can use hot rollers.


Any extra items that you might have feel free to bring them.

Blushed Makeup & Beauty Bar is now offering Virtual Makeup Lessons and Virtual Hair Lessons to everyone at any level of artistry with makeup or hair and we will work together to create a customized look for you whether it's your wedding day or for your daily makeup looks and everyday hairstyles that you wear. We will collaborate together with you to customize a completed bridal makeup lesson and hair lessons. We give you a list of all items needed for your makeup lessons or hair lesson and we do a consultation with you over zoom, we go over products that you already have, products that you will need. We also have our own Amazon Storefront that we direct you to for all of our favorite beauty, makeup, skin care, and hair products that are our tried and tested products that we use every day in our regular life and in our professional life. We also go over skin care and how to treat your own skin type and everything you need to start doing immediately. Once you receive the products that you have ordered, then we book our makeup lesson or our hair lesson over zoom. This is where we go over all products, try them out on yourself and I will be giving you one on one instruction on makeup lessons or with hair lessons. For our more intricate learners, we can make as many makeup lessons or as many hair lessons that each individual client will need. That is why we customize everything that we offer to our clients and you get to learn everything right from the comfort of your own home. Allow us to bring the beauty to you, all in the comfort of your own home and all while creating connections, learning all things beauty, and growing your confidence. 

makeup lessons

Are you missing anything from the makeup and hair lists above? 

Blushed Makeup & Beauty Bar 

Amazon Storefront

makeup lessons

Book your Virtual Makeup Lesson NOW

Book your Virtual Hair Lesson NOW

Are you looking for LIVE and In-Studio Makeup Lessons? If you are located in the Sudbury, Ontario area or will be visiting and would like to do your Makeup Lessons in person click the link below to book now.

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