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TOP 10 TIPS to make the most of your Bridal Preview

Are you ready for your wedding day? Your bridal makeup and hair preview are essential to a successful wedding morning.


1️⃣ Bridal Look: Collect wedding makeup and hairstyle inspiration pics to show your bridal team.

2️⃣ Bridal Preview: Plan your bridal preview at least 4 months before the wedding to make adjustments if needed.

3️⃣ Wedding Makeup & Hair Prep: Arrive with a fresh clean face, exfoliate and moisturize. Make sure to arrive makeup free. Apply a hair mask, wash and dry your hair and straighten it the night before. Arrive with your hair ready to style. Have your hair extensions ready to style as well.

4️⃣ Communicate: Share your bridal vision, dress details, wedding info, photos, any concerns and be clear on any adjustments you want made. (this is important, we want you to love your look and will change anything for you)

5️⃣ Skincare: Have a daily skincare routine and getting facials will prep your skin for the wedding.

6️⃣ Bridal Accessories: Bring any bridal hair accessories or veil to see how they complement your bridal look. Wear white to your bridal preview.

7️⃣ Photos & Feedback: Recording everything with photos from all angels and products. Our brides have everything inside the wedding day plan.

8️⃣ Trial Run: Plan to wear your wedding makeup and hairstyle for a few hours to ensure it lasts.

9️⃣ Touch-up Kit: Ask your bridal makeup artist for makeup recommendations for wedding makeup touchups, our brides always receive a touchup kit.

🔟 Plan Ahead: Book your wedding makeup and hair team early to secure your wedding date.


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