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The ONE THING no one is telling you about wearing a veil on your wedding day.

Wedding Day Tip ✨

Brides, are you unsure if you want to wear the veil on your wedding day?

Have your wedding hairstylist semi secure your veil so your bridesmaid can easily remove it without ruining your bridal hairstyle before your reception.

That way you can still wear the veil for your ceremony and some wedding photos and easily remove it before your reception to change up your bridal look.

You will need to make sure that your wedding stylist doesn’t load up the veil clip with to many Bobby pins in order to easily remove the veil.

Let your bridal stylist know if your plans to remove it, have them show your bridesmaid how to remove the veil and they will secure it enough for it not to move and when it’s time to remove it your bridal hair will not be ruined.

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