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Autumn Weddings

As autumn approaches there is a change in the temperature and it is calling for a change with hair and makeup for weddings too. Autumn wedding makeup should be long-wearing, have a little extra glow to make up (excuse the pun) for the slightly flatter light and have some autumnal colour influence if that works with the bride’s colouring.

Autumn wedding makeup can be really natural, using browns on the eyes, echoing the brown leaves that have fallen to the ground. Or it can be a little more striking, perhaps a red lip to allude to the red tones which sometimes display on the leaves outside.

Getting inspiration from nature when choosing your wedding makeup is a great place to start and perhaps it will drive you to try something new.

Wedding makeup is a chance to use makeup to enhance your natural beauty, and with the right makeup artist by your side, you will be able to do exactly this – maintain looking like yourself, whilst becoming a better, more special version of you for the day.

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