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Makeup Tips for Brides with Facial Piercings

Makeup Tips for Brides with Facial Piercings

By Body Art Forms


Every bride wishes to showcase her unique style on her special day, and so do you. Your piercings may be tied to your values, experiences, or preferences, but they form a significant aspect of your style. You need a hairstyle and makeup that will complement your piercings and enhance your features.


The application of makeup can get a little tricky at times due to facial piercings. Prodding around the piercings might lead to pain. Fortunately, there are ways to work around the piercings and minimize the inconvenience and discomfort. These tips can help you get your wedding makeup right with minimal disturbance to your facial piercings:


For the perfect pout:

Although lip liners have a permanent spot on the recommended list for longer-lasting makeup, they serve a different and more crucial purpose when it comes to applying makeup around lip piercings. Lip liner pencils help get the color application right, and you can fill in the sensitive spots without irritating the lips. Other tools that you may consider using include Q-tips, lipstick brushes, and doe foot applicators.


Gentle and precise strokes:

For makeup application around septum rings and other forms of facial jewelry, your best bet is the trained hand of a professional. Makeup experts know how to work around jewelry with gentleness and precision. Professionals understand the delicate nature of pierced areas. They use their expertise to navigate around the jewelry for seamless application of makeup avoiding painful tugging.


Pay special attention to applicator hygiene:

Your makeup applicators can become a source of woes if you’re not careful about their hygiene. Bacteria thrives on dirty makeup tools. Brushes accumulate oils and old makeup residues, and using such brushes can lead too skin infections and acne. With hygienic makeup applicators, you can eliminate the risk of introducing harmful microorganisms to the pierced area. Hygienic practices will help keep skin issues at bay, and allow you to enjoy your special day more thoroughly.


Removing the makeup:

As important as it is to learn how to do your makeup carefully around piercings, it is even more vital to understand how to remove it. You do not want the struggle to ruin the bliss of your special day.  Steer clear of makeup wipes. You’re better off using micellar water or any good liquid makeup remover with cotton pads and Q-tips. Cotton swabs will help you clean makeup from all the harder-to-reach spots. After you’ve removed all traces of makeup from your face and cleansed it thoroughly, follow up with soothing products that can help heal and improve your skin.


Wrapping Up


Makeup with facial piercings may require a little extra care, but the end result will be fabulous. The makeup tips mentioned above can assist in ensuring safe, hygienic and perfect application of makeup around sensitive facial areas. Select a bridal look that enhances your natural beauty. You can choose to accentuate your piercings or minimize their prominence with strategic makeup techniques. Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects your vision for your wedding day. This way, you will radiate beauty and authenticity through the ceremony and celebrations.




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