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The Bridal Beauty Plan EBook

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

By Kristina Adleina

The Bridal Beauty Coordinator

The Bridal Beauty Plan EBook was created for all of my bridal clients and brides alike, having a bridal beauty plan working up to your wedding is a great resource to have in your bridal planning arsenal.

We have been on the look out for some time for a bridal beauty plan and the only few that we had actually found were one page bridal beauty timelines and we already had our own that we created for our bridal clients.

In order to create our very own customizable bridal beauty plan in a guide we took our already bridal beauty plan checklist and began to work off of that. We created a plan for 12 months prior to your wedding, there is a plan for each month and how to go about it and then there is a plan for a month before, 2 weeks before, the week before, the day before and the day of as well.

Then we told you how to find your dream bridal beauty team, how to prepare for them, how to bring your bridal beauty vision to life and much more. We have included many more bonus information and resources on how to provide yourself with your own beauty services, if that's what you choose.

The Bridal Beauty Plan EBook is yours FREE just head over to the link and pop in your email and it will take you there.

Now take this ebook and make it your own & we hope it finds you well.

Kristina Adleina xoxo

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