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Bridal Beauty Plan

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Of course all Brides and Bridesmaids want to look their very best on the big day, you shouldn’t only be focusing on diet and exercise but you’re skin and hair need that special attention as well.

Since planning a wedding can be extremely stressful, your skin is the very first thing to show signs of distress. It’s completely normal to lose some shine or to break out when your under pressure. If your skin is healthy and glowing already then it’s hard resist the negative signs better.

The same way you plan for a wedding, you should have a solid beauty plan for your skin and hair, especially leading up to the big day. You want your skin to be healthy and glowing and you’re makeup will look flawless. Your luscious locks and you’re bridal hairstyle will always turn out flawless.


I always will recommend to try out any of the beauty treatments months prior to the wedding, the last thing anyone wants is to be orange in your wedding dress or a horrible case of botox.



If you are in need of whitening your teeth, it is best to consult a dentist prior whitening them to make sure you’re teeth are healthy enough to go through the process. You can choose to get them done professionally, which is the safest bet. Or you can do this at home and save some cash, I personally whiten my teeth with Crest White-strips. Beginning with the stain remover strips, onto the whitening strips and meanwhile using the Crest 3D Whitening toothpaste. Only do the stain remover kit and then the whitening kit once, because it does eat away at your tooth enamel and cause sensitivity and some pain. And this tooth pain is not something you want on your special day, while trying to eat cake and drink wine. For any tooth sensitivity after whitening your teeth, Crest 3D White Whitening Therapy toothpaste will work wonders and help repair that enamel.



A facial treatment, of any kind really should be done at the very least a few times prior to the wedding and this is best done by a professional. Laser treatments, exfoliating treatments, mask facials and any other kind will work. I would recommend a facial once a week for the month prior to the wedding day and getting one right before the wedding day or even the morning of before you get your makeup and hair done. When booking your facials, we will always recommend aftercare instructions and it’s is best to away stay follow them. I always recommend to exfoliate with coffee grinds mixed with coconut oil and using the oil after as a moisturizer, I do it daily but a few times a week would be enough to get your skin extra prepared for your wedding day and this will without a doubt make your makeup application look nothing but flawless.


If you want that bronze glow on your wedding day, then gradual tanning would be your best bet before any spray tan or self-tanner. To be sure that your tanning correctly there are a number of things you can do to get there. Always use a professional tanning lotion and usually there is bronzer in there and it will stick to any dry skin. Always shower at least 2 hours before and after you go tanning. Exfoliate your skin regularly when tanning, use coffee grinds and coconut oil. Moisturize before and after you tan, as well as after you shower to lock that moisture in and keep the dry skin away. Don‘t use the bronzing tanning lotion on your face, use coconut oil while in tanning bed, the bronzers really make your break out with acne and sometimes rashes when applied directly to your face. Try using your white strips while tanning and keeping your mouth open to allow the UV light skin to activate the whitening gel quicker and faster. Always use lip balm while inside the tanning bed to keep those lips from drying up. Cover up your hair with a bandana, the UV lights will change the shade of your hair if you dye your hair. Always start tanning at a lower number of minutes, 4-5 minutes is a good start time and gradually increase it by a minute each session. Try to use the tanning bed no more then every other day and this will ensure that you get dark quickly and not over do it. Before tanning always drink plenty of water and eat before, so it doesn’t cause you to pass out because your hungry or dehydrated. Make sure not to tan about 2-3 days before the wedding, to ensure no breakouts or burnt skin.



Talk to your bridal hairstylist before you cut any length off your hair, your hairstyle might require you to have a certain length of hair and you don’t want to do anything drastic before the big day. If you are doing an updo hairstyle, I’m recommending to not layer your hair cut, due to strands of hair falling out of the hairstyle. Highlights and lowlights can really enhance your hair colour and bring dimension.


If you are considering putting permanent hair extensions into your hair, really find the best kind of extensions for your hair and that will do the least damage to your hair in the long run. If you’re getting permanent hair extension, the best ones that will do the least damage to your hair would be a full frontal lace wig that is sewn into your hair and you will receive no damage to your hair. Or stick with the regular clip in extensions or if you have your hair down a halo extension would be even better. Getting hair extensions on your wedding day will make your hair look luscious and full, but also give you that extra volume and length for your bridal hairstyle.



Any and all waxing should be done a week prior to your wedding date, to avoid redness and irritation. Giving your skin some time to sooth and calm down. If you were to get any facial waxing just before the wedding or the day of, your makeup wouldn’t sit on your skin where it has been previously waxed a few days before the wedding. The makeup will completely not go over freshly waxed skin and therefore it ends up making your makeup look blotchy and uneven, and there is no way around this. We can provide you with professional facial waxing prior to your wedding, we can wax and shape brows, upper lip, side burns and any unwanted facial hair. Contact us personally for any other types of waxing.



Every bride should prepare for their special day with a fresh manicure and pedicure. Just taking that time for yourself to relax and de-stress from all the wedding planning. Giving your nails some time to completely dry, but not to much time to where they will chip on you. I would recommend using a shellac nail polish, because it will give you a nice finish and the shellac always last summer the longest.



Yes, you read that right a massage should always be a part of your bridal beauty routine. Again, having that one last relaxing moment before the big day! After you receive our full body massage you will feel amazing, relaxed and a happy glow all ready for your wedding day.

I hope this Bridal Beauty Plan really helps you with getting ready from head to toe for your wedding day. If you have any questions regarding our bridal services that we can provide you with prior to the big day, please feel free to message use directly on our website or you can call or text Kristina at 705-561-9084. For other services that we don’t provide we have contacts for you and would love to share them, so feel free to contact us today!

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