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Bridal Makeup & Hair Tips.

As far as the Blushed Makeup & Beauty Bar’s Makeup Artists & Hairstylist Glam Squads experience with Weddings & Brides what we would consider the holy grail of Bridal Makeup & Hair would be to keep everybody Bride happy and every Groom in awe of his beautiful wife! By being your own beautiful self.

Every Bride will be glad to hear that you don’t need to walk down that isle with no makeup and hair, but to truly bring your true authentic self, even with the help of a professional Makeup & Hair Artist.

Bringing your true self to your Wedding and is the professionals will bring out your true beauty, you’re partner will appreciate you for being you and not someone your not. We want to embrace your true features and show off what makes you most beautiful, by using complimentary colours and shapes that suit you as a Bride.

Thats why I feel it is very important to meet with your Artists for a trial run before hand or at the very least communicate fully prior to the Wedding date. So that everything is fully prepared and organized with makeup and hair for your special day.

Your makeup and hair should be styled to make you feel the most beautiful and special you’ve ever felt to give you the most confidence on your special day to your loved one.

This would be our teams number one tip for Brides on their Wedding day for Makeup and Hair.

Blushed Makeup & Beauty Bar

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