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As your wedding day approaches you want to look and feel your absolute best on your wedding day. All eyes are on you, the star of the show.

We have created a BRIDAL BEAUTY CHECKLIST to ensure that you are fully prepared for the wedding day.

From 6 months before the wedding up to the wedding day, you will have everything you need to prep for the ultimate glam.

From getting facials, to bridal previews and any other beauty service that will help you feel your absolute best on the day of. We have a full bridal beauty timeline and checklist just for you.

Your wedding day hair and makeup artists are there to help pamper and glam you on the wedding day but also to help prepare you prior to.

We always provide our Lux facials on the wedding before your bridal makeup, but it is up to the bride to prepare your skin with a daily skincare routine and monthly facial treatments so that your skin is a flawless canvas for the bridal makeup.

Just like your hair, you must take care of your hair with hair treatments, getting it cut and died prior to, getting hair extensions if needed. This will allow your bridal makeup and hair team to give you the best results for your wedding hair and makeup.

Any other beauty treatments that you want for the wedding day, if you have never done it before always trial it out. It is ideal to have everything done prior to your bridal preview. Allowing you to see the full wedding day look.

Here is your bridal beauty guide with a timeline and checklist for your convenience.

Getting brides ready for the most important day of their lives.

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