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Bridal Wedding Trials

Normally a Wedding Makeup & Hair Trial Run is primarily for the Bride, the purpose of this is to get together and bring that look that you envisioned to life right before your very eyes. It is great because we get to know each other, I get to know your skin, how makeup works on your face and your hair as well. Along with going over every look for the bridesmaids to be extra prepared on that day and we are perfecting all the looks for your special day.

Very so often I am asked if it is necessary for any others in the bridal party to book weddings trial runs? My answer has now changed because there are more bridesmaids booking trial runs and for other occasions as well and it has always helped with the time process for the big day and you are all so much more prepared and together knowing what is going on with the makeup and hairstyle. But for those who are not ready to fork out the extra cash, I would say that having images prepared of your makeup and hairstyles always works wonders. Also being as prepared as can be with knowing skin types, hair colours and types and so on does help for having everything there to fulfill each and every look on that day.

A lot of times bridal parties being such large groups of different ladies it can get diverse and if one has a particular skin concern she wants dealt with, that should always be dealt with. If someone wants lashes or not should be something your artist already is aware of and so much more. But any artist should be able to recreate any look on the spot, just with preparation things do tend to work out a lot smoother and the end results are always best. Remember when booking Makeup and Hair and your trial run to always book as far in advance as you can to ensure your spot is booked, and a deposit fee always means that date is yours.

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