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Bridesmaids are an extremely large part of big day and they deserve to look their best as well. There is almost an art to choosing a great bridesmaid makeup and hairstyle, it has to be similar to the range of other ladies makeup and hairstyles so that everyone can look unified and together.

A bridesmaid is obviously going to have some idea of what already looks good on her or what look she already wants, so when having a large group of ladies it is a good idea to go over ahead of time what is a good look for makeup and hair with everyone and their dresses as well. When they have various lengths of hair it is best to figure out based on that how hairstyles should be and if they should be in an up do or not.

When doing the bridesmaid makeup it is it is best to keep the makeup as similar to each other as possible. It is best to keep the same colours in eye shadows and lip colours, but allowing them to decide on darkness, contours and lashes.

Whatever style it it is that you choose for your bridesmaids and ultimately it should be up to you and go with the overall theme and look of your wedding. Make sure to choose a long lasting style that will last all night long so that they can party without needing any touch ups.

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