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Sorting out your wedding day details is no small feat, all of the planning that goes into your big day can be a lot and our job as the bridal beauty experts is to assist you with everything we have learned and been through over the last few years of working in the bridal beauty industry. We want to help all of our brides as much as we can and with our knowledge in bridal makeup and hair we will do just that for our brides.

Now, we have gathered up some information that would be helpful to our brides getting their bridal hair done by our bridal beauty team. Here is everything you need to know about bridal hair accessories. Wearing bridal hair accessories really brings your bridal hairstyle together. Adding a bridal hair accessory can be that extra bling that your bridal hairstyle needs and we have a few tips that will help you choose your ideal bridal hair piece for your wedding day.


Taking your personal style and your wedding day style into consideration when choosing your bridal hair accessories. Your wedding day needs to resemble your personal style and it is not a time to venture off too far from your personal style. Go with accessories that compliment your wedding day style.


When choosing accessories for your wedding day, think about your bridal hairstyle and choose accessories that will fit well with your hairstyle. It’s best to pick your bridal hairstyle first and then you would get your hair accessory to fit your hairstyle. We carry a variety of hair accessories that can be tested with at your bridal hair trial and can be purchased directly from us.



Your wedding dress is the most important aspect of your wedding day look. Your wedding dress will set the tone for your bridal style, choosing your hair accessories based on your wedding dress is key. If your dress is simple, this will give you the opportunity to dress it up with your accessories. If your dress has embellishments, then you will want to take this into consideration when choosing your hair accessories. Make sure to match up colours from your dress to your hair accessories.



Is by far the most used type of hair accessory for brides, the comb is easy to pop into the hair and we place a few bobby pins for security. This style works best for updos or half up- half down hairstyles. Clip pieces are a great for thinner hair as combs can be heavy.


Are a great statement piece to create a beautiful classic bridal look. Tiaras or headbands look great with an updo, as long as there is enough volume at the head of the crown. Headband styles are perfect for an all down hairstyle.


Are great for brides who don’t want much bling but still want to accessorize their bridal hairstyle. Opt in for flowers that match your wedding flowers and theme. They work with all hairstyles as they can be placed in your updo or if your hair is down, placed just above your ear. They are perfect for summer style weddings.


Are one of the newest hair accessories for bridal. They are a perfect fit for romantic or boho styles and they are best paired with braided hairstyles or a half down style. They can be placed in a variety of ways in the hair and even worn as a headband.


They are a great accessory for everyone in the bridal party. They can be simply added into your hair, without any extra weight added. They come in many different styles and looks, with gems or pearls. These hairpins are great for a half down style, updos and braided styles.


Wearing a veil for your wedding day is a personal preference and it is very traditional. Most brides will wear the veil for the ceremony and then remove it before the reception. It is very easy to pin the veil in and the remove it without any issues. The placement of the veil is always best when it’s placed under the style. For a half up style, we like to place it underneath and for an updo, we like it to be underneath this way you can see your hairstyle. This is all based on your personal preference and what your end goal with your hairstyle will be.

Find your perfect bridal veil here.


If you can’t make up your mind on which type of hair accessories to choose, you can always switch it up. Try your first choice for your ceremony and your second for your reception. You can always book the bridal beauty team for a second look, this would entail our team to come to your reception location and we would change your hairstyle and your makeup for your reception.

Add on your Reception Makeup & Hair Look for your Wedding Day Bridal Beauty Booking!


Your bridal trial is the best time to try out your bridal hairstyle or styles, you will get to see how everything will look together and this way you can make your final decisions on which bridal hair accessories will look best with your hairstyle, if you should wear a veil and how everything should be placed. This is also a great time to see if your hairstyle should add in extensions. If you do have hair extensions or any other hair accessories, you must bring them to your trial to try everything together. We do carry a variety of hair accessories in our studio to try out and for purchase.

Order your Hair Extensions today!

Being prepared for your bridal hairstyle is ideal, make sure to order everything you would need. Your hair extensions, hair accessories and your veil. Bring everything with you to your bridal trial to try it all out together.

Having bridal hairstyle inspiration photos of the hairstyles that you would like for your wedding day and sharing them with your bridal hairstylist. If you are unsure of how you would like your bridal hair to be, choose various bridal hair photos and make sure to book your bridal trial for your 2 hairstyles.

Once your bridal hairstyle and bridal hair accessories are chosen, you are that much closer to having everything some for your wedding day.

Make sure to save this post when choosing your bridal hair accessories for your bridal hairstyle.

Request your Bridal Beauty Booking to see if our bridal beauty team is available for your wedding day.

If you have any questions regarding your bridal hair accessories, feel free to reach out to Kristina to have any questions answered.

The Bridal Beauty Team

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