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When planning a wedding there are so many little details that go into planning every detail and of course as a bride, you have most likely have never planned a wedding before and it’s almost as if you are left to figure most of it all out by yourself out in the wild.

We wanted to make the bridal beauty process simple, straight to the point and of course to have all the information that you would need at your fingertips.

We have created The Skincare Guide for a Bride that is great for all brides or bridal parties to have a consistent daily skincare routine that fits their skin type and skincare needs.

The Skincare Guide walks you through identifying your skin type, a perfect skincare routine, how to take care of your skin each day and how to prep your skin for the wedding day This is everything you will need to be wedding day ready.

If you currently have a skincare routine and it is working for you, keep that routine and keep doing what you're doing. If you don’t have a skincare routine and are looking to improve your skin for the big day, is this guide and purchase your skincare routine. Either way this guide is what any bride needs, you can use it and implement your perfect skincare routine prior to the wedding.

Start your perfect skincare routine as soon as possible and don’t add any new products or try anything new a month before the big day, as your skin will purge when you add anything new to your skincare.

We always do a bridal facial before your bridal trial and the wedding day as well, we always do a gentle exfoliant to remove all dead skin cells with hydrating masks, under eye patches and a facial massage for the bride with all luxury skincare products. All bridal party packages include a gentle exfoliation with an oil mask and luxury skincare prep prior to their makeup application.

As well as sending all of our brides home from their bridal preview appointments with a skincare set to exfoliate and prep the skin on the day before the wedding.

Brides can upgrade a VIP LUX Facial Treatment prior to the wedding day, we offer Bridal Facial Packages working up to the wedding and we also offer VIP LUX Facials on the wedding AM. We bring the spa bed, facial steamer, with exfoliants and hydro jelly masks and topped with a facial massage with oils to complete the facial treatment prior to the bridal makeup application on the wedding day.

Get your copy of The Skincare Guide for a Bride NOW!

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