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The moment you begin to plan your wedding, is the same moment you NEED to begin your beauty routine. Ensuring you have a proper skincare and hair care routine, 

To ensure your wedding hair and makeup is flawless and exactly how you envision it, your skincare and haircare will need to be a top priority working up to your wedding day. This prep guide is for brides and bridal parties receiving wedding hair and makeup.

Flawless makeup and hair always start with you, ensuring you have a skincare routine, will allow your makeup to glide on like butter. Perfect hair starts with a perfect for you  hair care routine and will allow your hairstyle to be exactly how you envisioned it.

We can only work with what we are given, if you arrive with unwashed, Oily and frazzled hair, that is how your hairstyle will appear. Arriving with cleaned, prepped and ready to style hair will allow us to ensure we work our magic. 



🤍 Apply a hydrating hair mask/oil 2x a week working up to your wedding day. You can use your favorite hair mask or an oil, like jojoba oil, coconut oil or your favourite oils. When applying a hair mask always double cleanse your hair to wash it out properly.

🤍 Ensure you are using proper products for your hair, when you add heat apply a heat protection. This will protect your hair from damage, breakage and will ultimately help protect your hair and avoid fly aways. 

🤍 Get your hair coloured & cut prior too the wedding, it is best to get your hair done a week more more prior to the wedding, allowing it to grow out the perfect amount.

🤍 Wash your hair, shampoo and condition it the night before the wedding. 

🤍 Blow dry & straighten your hair after your wash, add your heat protection and blow dry your hair and style it so your hair is exactly how you like it, with your part and all. This way your hair is perfectly ready to style for your bridal hairstyle.

🤍 Ensure you have the proper hair extensions (clip in extensions) and they are colour matched, blended and ready to go. 

🤍 For semi-permanent Hair Extensions, follow the same routine but they are in your hair.

🤍 Wash, air dry & prep the hair extensions a week before the wedding. Hair Extensions take 2 days to air dry properly. Shampoo and condition them, brush them out and allow them to air dry for 2 days. Once they are dried, brush them out and add light heat and straighten them to ensure they are ready to apply and style.

🤍 If you are looking to have hair extensions applied the wedding day, ensure to book this in with the bridal coordinator to ensure the proper time is alloted. 

For anyone looking to add their DREAM HAIR EXTENSIONS to their bridal hairstyle, we offer various ready to wear extensions or semi permanent extensions. 


Everyone should have a skincare routine for their skin type and needs. All of our brides receive a SKIN PREP KIT for the week of the wedding, ensure you follow the guide for a flawless wedding makeup look.


🤍 Have a skincare routine for your skin type & needs. Knowing your skin type will be key to ensuring your skincare routine is fit for you. Cleansing & moisturizing is the most important for a skincare routine, as well as an SPF each morning. Both AM & PM skincare routines must be done each day and proper exfoliation 1-2 times a week for your PM routine. 

🤍 Facials 1x a month working up to the wedding day, receiving a series of facial treatments is ideal for maximum results.

🤍 Dermaplaning Facials are the perfect facial treatment for preparing your skin for flawless makeup. A series of Dermaplaning Facials are ideal for optimum results, receiving 1 facial a month for 6 months is best and ensure your last facial is done a week or more before the wedding.

🤍 Ensure you get all beauty treatments completed a month to a week prior to the wedding. This will depend on which treatments you are doing, waxing must be done a week prior, botox must be done a month before, spray tan should be done a week to 48 hours before. 

🤍 Everyone receiving wedding day makeup receives a facial prior to makeup, all brides receive a LUX FACIAL prior to beginning everyone's services the day of. Brides can UPGRADE to a VIP FACIAL the wedding morning- this requires an additional hour prior to starting the wedding morning timeline. THE VIP FACIAL TREATMENT is a custom facial treatment, relaxing with meditation music, essential oils provided on a spa bed. The VIP FACIAL is done in a quiet and dark room with the bride only. Allowing you to relax and set your intentions for this magical day with our facialist.

🤍 The day before ensure to properly exfoliate, add a facial mask, hydration overnight. Apply a generous amount of hydration to your face, neck and decoilate is key to optimum hydration. This should be done each PM working up to the wedding. A facial oil or my favorite Vaseline to hydrate overnight.

🤍 Use your SKIN PREP KIT with the enzyme peel. The Exfoliating Enzyme Peel is the perfect exfoliant for all skin types, it is Aloe Based and organic. We use the enzyme peel on every one of our clients before makeup. 

🤍 The Enzyme Peel should be used by everyone receiving wedding makeup working up to the wedding. This is the BEST natural exfoliant for all skin types and needs. Avoid all granular scrubs or anything that can micro tear your skin. 

🤍 The day of, cleanse and hydrate your skin, layer on your hydration oils. Always arrive with a makeup free face, nothing is worse then trying to remove someone's makeup before we are starting makeup. This is the worst thing anyone could do, trying to remove a waterproof mascara doesn't work and smudges and ultimately ruins all the hard work we are trying to accomplish. Not to mention it takes up a generous amount of time from the alloted timeline.

🤍 Each person receives a BRIDAL TOUCHUP KIT to insure your wedding hair and makeup lasts all evening.

Ensure you & your bridal party follow the wedding makeup & hair prep guide. If anyone requires skincare or facials ensure to book in with us.


The Bridal Beauty Plan EBOOK allows you to fully customise your bridal beauty plan from 12 months to the day of.

The Bridal Party Guide will be sent to everyone receiving wedding day services.

The Skincare Guide for a Bride is a step by step guide to getting your skincare routine on track prior to the wedding day.

For all wedding day service inquiries or to upgrade services, please contact the Bridal Coordinator via email.



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