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Wedding Morning Routine

Leading up to your wedding date it is a good idea to plan and be prepared for the morning of the wedding so that you don’t forget anything and have everything you need.

Here is is a list of things I would suggest on you bringing with the morning of your wedding day; Bobby pins, if your hair falls put of place. Hairspray, to spray any of those fly aways down and it’s even good to set your makeup. Safety pins, in case something happens to the brides or someone a dress. Lipstick or gloss, to fix any touch ups throughout the night. Gum, after any meals and incase there was garlic. Scissors, incase you need to cut fabric or something that just doesn’t belong there. Perfume and deodorant, incase of smell, smoke or sweat on your wedding day.

Always be prepared and think what you can not be without? Especially on this of all days? The likelihood of you needing those things on your wedding day are extremely large and you don’t want to be without. Extreme preparation is key. Like if you want Hair Extensions on the day of your wedding, the best thing to do would be to pre curl them, lots of hairspray, put them in a shoebox and then they are all ready to through in your hair when the professionals show up. We always tell all of our clients to come with exfoliated skin (coffee and coconut oil) then a coconut oil mask and dirty, dirty days old dirty hair and we use dry shampoo. Makes things quicker and more fast efficient.

All of this will save everyone valuable time on the morning of the wedding, time that we will be short of already. Some other tips for the morning of the wedding would be to get a day of coordinator, to take care of everything while you can relax and focus on yourself. So make sure to pack your morning of the wedding bag and be extra prepared on the day of your wedding.

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