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Doing a Bridal Trial is the first thing you need to book once you find a Bridal Beauty Team. Doing a Bridal Trial is very important when it comes to finding the right Bridal Beauty Team for you and your wedding day. During a Bridal Trial, you get to collaborate with your artists to help being your bridal beauty vision to life.

At our Bridal Trials we have a Makeup Artist and a Hairstylist to do your makeup and hair, we also start every bridal trial with a customized facial treatment. Then we do your bridal consultation at the same time and we discuss your bridal beauty look for makeup and hair and also your bridal party looks. We do your makeup and hair and we let you to see it and we can tweak anything, sometimes we might try out an other hairstyle or change up your makeup if you would like to see something else.

We have bridal hair embellishments and hair peices for our brides and we can custom order specific hair peices. Then we also customize touch up kits for our bridal with both makeup and hair touch ups for you. We try to create the ultimate bridal beauty experience for all of our clients and we try to customize all of our services to each specific client.

We want to work with you to create your bridal beauty vision with makeup and hair and we want to help you bring your bridal beauty vision to life.

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