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Your wedding day is truly the biggest day of your life and quiet frankly the most planned day in your lifetime. With all of the planning that goes into your wedding, you will want your pictures to be on point and for everything to be picture perfect.

Hiring the professionals to do this for you on your wedding morning should always be a must. Having your bridal makeup and even your bridal hair done by a professional glam team should be on every brides to do list for their wedding day.

Your wedding photography is very similar to other forms of photography and having a professional who works with photography makeup is key to your bridal makeup look.

Having done thousands of bridal makeup applications, will ensure that your bridal makeup not only looks flawless but timeless as well. Having that professional option and talent is something that money cant teach a bride.

That is why it’s ideal to hire a professional bridal beauty team, then you can sit back and be worry free while we glam you up to take that walk down the aisle.

There are a few things that you should be doing to prepare for your bridal makeup appointment.

Every bride should be preparing their skin for their wedding date in advance and here are some simple steps that you can take to ensure your skin is glowing for your wedding day.

👰 Have a consistent skin care routine that fits your skin type. Knowing your skin type is key and using gentle skincare products and being consistent both AM & PM. Try using the Cetaphil skincare line for your skin type.

👰 Don’t switch your products or try anything new at least 6 weeks before your wedding.

👰 If you suffer from any skin disorders, seek out your doctor for proper diagnoses and treatment.

👰 Drinking 6 glasses of water every day.

👰 Eating a healthy diet and avoiding acne triggers (dairy, sugar, processed foods)

👰 Taking your vitamins, minerals and supplements everyday can help to improve your skin. To know what your deficient in, seek out your doctor for blood work to get a better idea of what you should be taking or if you know that your deficient in something or suffering from an illness/autoimmune disorder do your research as to which vitamins or supplements that would work best for you.

👰 Exfoliating 1-2 times a week with a gentle exfoliator. Don’t use granular scrubs in your face as it causes micro tares on the skin. Try the Aloette Enzyme Peel.

👰 Make sure to hydrate your skin, beauty oils are the best form of hydration for your skin.

👰 Get a facial done once a month that is targeted to your skin care needs.

👰 Come to your makeup appointments with a bare face, with no makeup and make sure it is exfoliated and hydrated.

👰 Have bridal makeup inspiration photos picked out and sent to your bridal MUA. This allows us to have a better idea of what your looking for and this way we will be prepared for your makeup.

👰 Always book in a bridal makeup trial, this will allow you to see your look first hand and will allow for the wedding day to run that much smoother.

There are so many things that we can be doing to treat and care for our skin. Having a proper and consistent skincare routine shouldn’t be work, this should be a part of your self care routine.

Doing the same skincare routine for AM and then doing your skincare routine for PM will allow you to stay consistent and will train your skin over time.

If you have any specific skin care questions or are in need of recommendations please feel free to contact me directly.

Book your Bridal Makeup Appointment with our lead Bridal Makeup Artist today!

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