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Booking your Bridal Beauty Bookings with Blushed. 👰

What to expect when booking as a Blushed Bride.

We are located in Sudbury, Ontario and we have a studio location located in Sudbury. But we are mobile and travel to my locations in Central Northern Ontario. We are a team of Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Skincare Specialists and Grooming. We provide brides and bridal party members with on location Luxury bridal makeup and hair services to small and large bridal parties all over the north.

When booking with Blushed Makeup & Beauty Bar for your Bridal Bookings we try to customize every service and package to each bride and each client we work with. We have a variety of bridal packages that we offer all of our clients, our base package is our Luxury Bridal Package that is a mini facial, makeup, lashes, mini blow out, hairstyle and mini touch up kit. Then our next package is a facial, airbrush makeup, lashes, blow out, hairstyle, touch up kit and then we have The Bridal Experience + Trial Package that is the base package with a Bridal Makeup & Hair Trial. We have one package for our Bridal Party Members that is skin prep, makeup, lashes, hairstyle and lipstick. A Flower Girl Package that is makeup and hair and a Men’s Grooming Package that is a facial, beard grooming, blow out, hairstyle. Then we also offer services for just makeup and just hair. We also do Bridal Trials in our studio location and pre bridal esthetics to prepare the brides.

Anyone can book a Bridal Trial we offer Bridal Makeup & Hair Trials or Bridal Makeup Trials or Bridal Hair Trials. No one is limited to our Bridal Trials, if a bridesmaid wanted to do a bridal trial then that works to. But, everyone of our booked brides to be should indeed do a bridal trial. Bridal Trials are everything with Bridal Beauty, they allow you to create your look and see it in person. This also allows the artists to have everything running real smoothly and its so much easier to do someone's makeup that you have already done. The best time to book a bridal trial is at least 6 months or more before the big day. To book a bridal trial there is a deposit fee of $20.

Pro Tip: Try booking your bridal trial the day you do your Engagement Photoshoot, this is a great opportunity to not waste all that gorgeous makeup and hair.

To book your bridal party booking there is a $100 deposit fee required to secure your date and time. Then if you are booking for just a brides package then the deposit fee is $20. There is also information forms, a contract and a covid screening that needs to be filled out by every client that we work with. We also have a spot for everyone to put their makeup and hair inspiration photos. This way we are extremely prepared and organized. We also create a wedding day plan and schedule for the day of with all of this information, and we also send it with much more information to each bride to be. This is great for keeping organized and everyone on schedule.

There are many extras that we have for our brides and clients, we have a mini touch up kits and lipstick touch ups for all of our bridal party members. Then we have our touch up kits for all brides, some are different depending on the package. These touch up kits include things like lipstick for touch ups and a few things that will come in handy. We also offer customizable touch up kits that we curate for each bride and other members if they would like it, we base it on the photos and info you send us and these makeup bags and skincare and touch up kits that we customize for our brides are fully customized to everything about each bride and her look. We also have hair embellishments and hair accessories, we also provide touch up services on the day of the wedding, we do pre bridal esthetics, skincare, brows and lashes and other services that are only exclusive to our brides and bridal clients.

On the day of your wedding our bridal beauty team will arrive at the pre determined time, with everything that we have planned to do. So, if there is anything you would like for the day of please make sure to discuss it with your Bridal Beauty Coordinator. That can be Men’s Grooming, Men’s Hair Styles, Tattoo Cover Ups, Touch Up Kits, Hair Accessories or any service that we do provide. We like to customize all of our services based on each client. We show up, set up everything, there must be enough room for the number of artists and clients. Having a larger table with 2 chairs and outlets with good lighting is really all we need. We are usually a glam squad of 2 artists, with 1 makeup artists and 1 hairstylist. Depending on how large the party is there might be more artists. But, we will usually do 1 makeup and one hair at a time for 45 minutes to an hour each. We will work the whole schedule out and let you know all the details. We will work quickly and efficiently, every bridal party member should have their hair completely dry and straightened, with exfoliated and moisturized skin. The brides usually get a mini blow out and facial anyways and it always takes a bit longer with the bride and she must go in the middle of the schedule and never last, maybe first if we had to. We like to do before and afters of everyone, then we will get you on your way to walk down the isle or tomorrow first look well in advanced.

We like to communicate with our bride by text, so that we can have things organized and together. We like to know of any changes as soon as you know, even if that is the day before the weeding. Being prepared is the key thing in the bridal business. And we like to do anything for all of our brides, especially in this last year since the pandemic. If you need to reschedule and postpone due to covid we will just move your deposit as long as that date and time is available, we might have to go a big earlier, but that is fine.

Another thing that is important is to fill out your Bridal Information Forms and sending them to your bridal party as well. Gettimg all their information and photos is extremely important for us to be organized and to create your wedding day plan and schedule.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me with them. This allows us to create content for our brides and clients.

To book your Bridal Booking

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