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Bridal Previews

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Bridal Previews at Blushed Bridal

Booking your Bridal Preview is going to allow you to bring your wedding day vision to life, this will allow you to really see how the final look will come together. We do recommend waiting until you have your venue, wedding date, theme and dress picked out. Having these things will allow you to really bring your bridal beauty vision to life. Instead of wasting time and money on doing multiple bridal previews with multiple artists, it’s best to do your research beforehand and make sure the artists you go with are experts in bridal beauty.

Bridal Previews are booked in 1 to 2 months prior to your wedding date and are only available to our booked brides only. If you are looking for a bridal preview prior to securing your date, you can book in a bridal makeup and hairstyle package. For anyone else in the bridal party looking to secure their bridal beauty look prior to the wedding, they can book it as a bridal party package.

Our Bridal Previews are exclusive to our booked bride only and there are things that you can do to prepare beforehand for your bridal preview appointment. As the bride, you will want to ensure that your skin and hair are prepared properly. We suggest preparing your skin and hair for your bridal preview as well as the wedding day ASAP.

Choosing your Bridal Beauty Look

When choosing your bridal beauty look for your wedding day always remember that choosing photos that resemble yourself is the most ideal. Also, remembering that a lot of photos are photoshopped, edited and models. Remember that not all hair density is the same as photos and adding hair extensions can create a more full look for your hairstyle.

Check out bridal makeup and hair photos to identify what bridal beauty look would be the best fit for you and your wedding day.

If you want your skin to be flawless for your bridal makeup (bridal preview and wedding day) you must have a daily AM & PM skincare routine that is fit for your skin type and skin care needs. Also, drinking your daily recommended water intake, your vitamins and minerals and eating a balanced diet can help with improving your skin.

Everything you need to prep for your Bridal Preview appointment.

Do you know your skin type? Take the skin care quiz to help identify your skin type and to better assist you in finding the right skin care routine that is best fit for you and your skincare needs.

Are you looking for the perfect skin care for yourself? We use all organic luxury skin care for all of our bridal clients.

Bridal Beauty Plan

Your Bridal Beauty Plan will be everything you need to do for Beauty working up to your bridal appointments and of course the wedding day.

We have created the Bridal Beauty Plan EBOOK for all of our brides & bridal parties. This guide gives you everything you would need to help prepare for your wedding day beauty and your bridal preview appointment.

Use this ebook to plan accordingly based on your needs and beauty goals. You can customize your bridal beauty plan based on what you would like to focus on, if that is your skin and facials, changing your hair or getting hair extensions or even working out.

This ebook helps navigate you through all bridal beauty services, treatments, preparation for the wedding day, finding your bridal beauty team and everything in between. With a detailed bridal beauty guide with everything from 12 months up to the day of the wedding, we have created everything you will need to prepare yourself for your big day.

Get your FREE copy of The Bridal Beauty Plan EBOOK to download and customize to fit your beauty needs in preparation for your big day. THE BRIDAL BEAUTY PLAN EBOOK

Preparing for your Bridal Preview

Preparing for your Bridal Preview is simple, all brides must fill out their Bridal Information Forms prior to the Bridal Preview appointment. All bridal info forms can be edited at any time from your link. If you haven’t already filled out your bridal info forms please do that immediately.

Bride’s Information Forms

The Bridal Information Forms will house all of your bridal information, along with your inspiration photos for makeup and hair.

When deciding on your bridal beauty look, it is best to search for bridal makeup and hair photos for inspiration.

Create a Bridal Beauty - Wedding Pinterest Board for all your Bridal Beauty Inspirations.

The Bridal Beauty Team

The Bridal Beauty Team was created to exclusively offer bridal beauty services for weddings. The Bridal Beauty Team consists of 6 bridal artists and is always growing to accommodate all of our brides and weddings.

When your Bridal Preview is booked in with your bridal artists, that will be the same artists doing your bridal makeup and hair on the wedding day. We might have other bridal artists attend your wedding to assist with the bridal party to help speed things up on the wedding day. This will all depend on how many individuals, the number of services booked and the timeline we have to complete everyone on the big day.

When you are deciding on a bridal beauty look for your wedding day, it is always ideal to view your bridal beauty artist’s bridal portfolio. Viewing your bridal beauty teams work will give you a better idea of the bridal look you are going for. You can choose photos of the artist’s work for inspiration photos, as well as choosing various bridal makeup and hair photos from Pinterest or Google.

Check out The Bridal Beauty Teams Bridal Beauty Portfolio

Bridal Beauty Look Guidelines

  • SAVE & UPLOAD INTO FORMS 3-5 Bridal Makeup photos.

  • SAVE & UPLOAD INTO FORMS 3-5 Bridal Hairstyle photos.

  • Search for photos that have the same hair color and length as yourself.

  • Search for photos that have a similar skin tone and eye color as yourself.

  • Identify what you like about the photos and what you don’t like.

  • Identifying makeup looks and styles that you don’t like helps the artists.

  • Having your wedding dress tone and color is helpful with makeup, as well as the style and cut of the dress helps for your hairstyle.

  • Make sure to take a photo of your bare face and your natural hair. This will be uploaded into your info forms.

  • Making sure to save all your bridal beauty photos to your phone, as well as sharing and uploading them to your bridal info forms for your bridal artists.

  • Make sure to order and have your hair extensions with you for your bridal preview & brining all bridal hair accessories, along with your viel.

Booking your Bridal Preview

When booking your Bridal Preview appointment it is recommended to book 1 to 2 months prior to the wedding day. The Bridal Beauty Team has reserved SUNDAYS for our Bridal Previews. If you are looking for a specific date for Engagement Photos, this can be arranged.

You can contact The Bridal Beauty Coordinator to book in your bridal preview and to see our availability. We will then book in your Bridal Preview.

When booking your Bridal Preview remember to follow all of our Bridal Preview Requirements for your appointment. These Bridal Preview requirements are put into place to ensure you have the best bridal preview experience.

Before your Bridal Preview

When preparing beforehand for your Bridal Beauty look & Bridal Preview appointment make sure to remember the following.

  • If you are considering hair extensions for your bridal hairstyle, it is important to have a test run with the hairstyle at your Bridal Preview appointment. Make sure to order all hair extensions or hair pieces prior to your Bridal Preview date.

  • Make sure that your hair extensions or hair pieces will fit your bridal hairstyle. You can confirm which hair extensions would work best with your bridal hairstyle with The Bridal Beauty Coordinator.

  • If you already have your hair extensions, upload a photo of them to the bridal info forms.

  • If you are unsure if you need hair extensions or not, contact The Bridal Beauty Coordinator to confirm this. We will need to know and have photos of your bridal hairstyle and your natural hair to confirm this.

  • Have all hair accessories or bridal veil for your bridal preview appointment. We carry a variety of bridal hair accessories for purchase.

  • If you are looking for semi-permanent hair extensions prior to the wedding day or a cut & color, inquire with the Bridal Beauty Coordinator for The Bridal Beauty Team’s Hairstylist Chelsea to book your appointment.

  • Hair Extensions

  • Hair Accessories

  • Bridal Veils

Bridal Preview Requirements

  • All Bridal Previews are booked in 1 to 2 months prior to the wedding day.

  • Bridal Previews are for our booked brides only.

  • Bridal Previews are held at The Bridal Suite location.

  • We don’t allow anyone to attend during the Bridal Preview process, if you are looking to have your bridal party or family attend the Bridal Preview, they are required to attend at the end of the Bridal Preview appointment time only.

  • Prepare your skin and hair prior to your appointment. All bridal clients should have a proper daily skin care routine that is done every AM & PM.

  • Wash & Dry your hair the night before your Bridal Preview.

  • Cleanse, Exfoliate & Moisturize your face, neck & chest prior to your Bridal Preview.

  • Fill out your Bridal Information Forms prior to your appointment.

  • Wear white (same tone as your wedding dress) to your bridal preview.

  • If you are receiving ONLY MAKEUP for your bridal preview, have your hair done or curled for your appointment.

  • If you are receiving ONLY HAIR for your bridal preview, have your makeup done for your appointment.

  • Be picture ready, we always take a before photo (after the facial) this allows us to get a better idea of facial symmetry and any color correcting we must do in person. We then always take the after photos and videos to share inside the wedding day plan. This way we are aware of exactly what we are doing for makeup and hair for the wedding day.

  • Bridal Preview appointments typically run anywhere from 2 to 3 hours in length, depending on if it is makeup and hair or one or the other. As well as the consultation, photos, adjustments and recording all information in the wedding day plan.

  • Bring all hair extensions and bridal hair accessories to your bridal preview.

The Bridal Suite

All Bridal Previews are held at The Bridal Suite, which is located inside of Kristina’s townhouse. When the pandemic started, we decided the best move for Blushed was to create a space within my home for our bridal clients, one that we could customize for our brides needs and create a space to offer for the wedding day as well.

The Bridal Suite is a fully renovated beauty studio for bridal clients. The Bridal Suite was specifically designed for our bridal beauty appointments as well as aesthetics services. With multiple chairs to work with we can offer the bridal suite to book for your wedding day with your bridal party. If you are looking for that special ‘Getting Ready Location’ for your big day, inquire with the bridal beauty coordinator to reserve the bridal suite for your wedding day.

The Bridal Suite Location

1634 Fielding Street Unit 29

Sudbury, Ontario

P3A 3Z3

Bridal Preview Appointment

  • Bridal Previews begin with the bridal information forms. This is where we begin to get your information for your bridal beauty look.

  • We input all information into our wedding day plans.

  • Bridal Previews start with a full bridal beauty consultation and discussion on your bridal beauty vision and your wedding day.

  • We will discuss your bridal makeup and hair inspiration photos, what you like vs dislike for makeup and hair.

  • We will record everything into the wedding day plan.

  • Then we begin with your facial and skin prep. Everything you do at home for skincare must be shared with your MUA.

  • We then start with your makeup, we also want to know if you wear makeup daily and what you use for makeup.

  • Creating your ideal makeup look with collaboration of the bride throughout the whole process.

  • All makeup used is recorded inside the wedding day plan.

  • Then your hairstyle is created based on hairstyle photos and what you would like for your hairstyle.

  • If you have hair extensions make sure to bring them to your bridal preview appointment. They will be curled and added into your hairstyle while it is being created.

  • Once your makeup and hair is completed, we take some pictures and videos to look at.

  • Then we will step out of the room for you to really check it all out, take photos and to see what you would like to be adjusted.

  • We will check out our photos, talk about what you want adjusted and we will work on the adjustments right away.

  • Once your adjustments are completed we then take more photos and record everything inside of the wedding day plan.

  • Then we will show you how to touch up your makeup and hair and how to remove it all at the end of the night.

  • We will then advise you of doing your makeup and hair checks and homework.

  • You must watch your makeup and hair all evening, we want to be aware of all adjustments that would need to be made for the wedding day. This could be changing different products or a change in the prep we do for the wedding day.

  • Then 24 hours after your Bridal Preview appointment we will send out a Bridal Preview Follow Up Email. This is where you can share any adjustments that need to be made or any changes you would like done for the wedding date.

Brides that are Located out of town

For brides that are booking from out of town, I know that it can be difficult to book a bridal preview. If your wedding will be in Sudbury or the surrounding areas, we can make arrangements to book your bridal preview when you will be in town. We always make accommodations for our brides and can work within your schedule.

For brides that have booked their wedding with us that the wedding is out of town (Sudbury) we can make accommodations to come into the bridal suite at any time for your bridal preview.

For brides who are out of town (Sudbury) and are unable to do a bridal preview at the bridal suite location, we can accommodate travel for the artists for your bridal preview. There will be a travel fee included in the pricing for all on location services, including the bridal previews.

Virtual Bridal Consultations

For brides who are unable to do a bridal preview, we require the bride to have a virtual bridal consultation.

We will have the brides fill out their bridal information forms and book a virtual call with The Bridal Beauty Coordinator and the artists to prepare for the wedding day.

We will go over everything required by the bride to prepare the skin and hair prior to the wedding, figure out the best bridal beauty look based off of inspiration photos and discuss the wedding day plan.

It is extremely important to be prepared for the wedding day services and if we can not do a bridal preview, we must complete the virtual bridal consultation prior to the wedding day.

Bridal Party Makeup & Hair

We do not offer bridal previews for the bridal party receiving bridal beauty services for the wedding day.

However, if anyone in the bridal party is looking for a bridal preview prior to the wedding day, we can offer them to book a bridal party package as their bridal preview.

This way they can see their bridal makeup and hair by their bridal artists, to see if they would like it or to make any changes for the wedding day.

It is not treated as a bridal preview appointment with the full consultation and adjustments at the end as the bridal previews are exclusive to our brides only.

If anyone in the bridal party is looking to have their bridal makeup and hair done prior to the wedding day, they can book the bridal party package when we have availability.

Please ensure everyone in the bridal party receiving wedding day services has completed their Bridal Party Info Forms prior to any appointments.

Bridal Party Information Forms & Bridal Contract:

Wedding Day Plans

Every bride and wedding receives a complimentary WEDDING DAY PLAN and timeline. All of the information from the information forms, bridal preview appointments, virtual bridal consultations and all photos are used to create each wedding day plan.

All wedding day plans are sent out upon booking and will be completed as information forms are received and during the bridal preview appointments.

The timeline inside the wedding day plan contains the end time given when the bride booked, then the start time is determined based on how long it will take to complete everyone for services along with the booked number of artists for the wedding day. The order of names can be adjusted based on anyone needing to get done first, brides will be placed in the middle of the timeline and younger children will always be last.

The timeframe for each service is determined by The Bridal Beauty Coordinator based on the artists for services. The timeframe for each service can not be adjusted by the clients.

For any questions regarding all information above and to book in your bridal preview contact us via email for all questions and inquiries.

Book your Bridal Preview today!!







The Bridal Beauty Coordinator

The Bridal Beauty Team

Blushed Makeup & Beauty Bar

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