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Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of a girl's life. It is the one day that you have thought about your entire life as well as the most planned day. Haven’t you been secretly planning your wedding day as far back as you can remember?

This is a day for the utmost perfection, of course you have dreamt about how you will look and how your wedding day will go ever since you were younger.

All that planning and organizing with a wedding planner, booking out the best wedding photographer, purchasing the most expensive florals to match your theme and saying yes to your dream dress!! 👰🏼‍♀️

With everything you have planned and booked thus far, looking timeless and picture perfect in your wedding photos will be the one thing to remember your special day by.

You want to look back and see a timeless and elegant bride, with the utmost beauty for your big day. That is why you must book a professional bridal makeup artist and bridal stylist who have years of experience with brides and bridal parties.

Ideally, sticking to your wedding budget is key for all brides and weddings. Most brides don’t assign a proper budget for bridal makeup and hair. Making sure you not only look timeless but feel confident that your makeup and hair will last all evening then you must plan and budget accordingly.

Hiring any Makeup artist, your Hairdresser or a friend who likes makeup, if they don't specialize in bridal or work with brides, this should be avoided. Choosing a discounted artist or stylist doesn’t always mean that’s what’s best for you as a bride.

We get that saving money is ideal for everyone, especially brides. We love a good deal, always. But when it comes to the most important day of your life, which will be remembered by your wedding photos for years to come, you need a professional bridal makeup and hair artist.

Typically, your wedding day vendors should all be around the same price range. For bridal makeup on a bride can be anywhere from $100-200 and for bridal hair $100-150. For bridal party members makeup costs $75-100 and bridal hair $50-100. Flower Girls makeup & hair $50-150 and mens styles $50-100. This is not including any add on services or additional fees. Depending on the number of people for services for the day of will be fully dependent on your total price. You can request a quote for wedding day services on our website.

Are you looking for a Bridal Beauty Team for your big day? Contact us to request a quote for your wedding day services.

Contact us for our Bridal Beauty Pricing List For 2022-2023.

Finding a professional bridal makeup and hair team to offer your bridal beauty services will be ideal as you would only need to book with one beauty vendor. Making the entire process as simple as can be. This way everything will be done together, your communications will be done through The Bridal Beauty Coordinator.

The Bridal Beauty Coordinator organizes everything for your bridal beauty team and the big day. You will only be in contact with the bridal beauty coordinator for everything you will need. Communications will always be done via email, that way everything is in one place. The BBC will take care of all bookings, artists, payments, wedding day plans, forms, contracts and everything in between.

All of our artists specialize in bridal makeup and bridal hair. We require our artists to meet very specific requirements to join our team. We currently have 2 bridal makeup and hair artists, 2 bridal stylists, 1 bridal makeup artist and 1 bridal assistant that are on our team. Each artist is skilled, talented and professional. They are all held to an extremely high standard. Each artist is trained in their area of expertise and are trained to provide our brides with the Blushed Bridal Experience with bridal trials and day of weddings services.

The day of your bridal preview you will meet with your bridal beauty team at the Bridal Suite location. The artists that will do your makeup and hair will of course do your bridal preview. Depending on your booking and the number of services booked we can have more artists for more services. Typically, if there is more MUA or stylists for your wedding day, they will do the bridal party makeup and hair. This is all dependent on availability, timeline and time frame and number of services booked. Book your Bridal Preview.

Your Bridal Preview can be arranged to be done prior to your Engagement Photoshoot.

Typically Sundays are reserved for Bridal Previews. If an other date and time needs to be booked this can be arranged.

The importance of having a professional bridal makeup artist and hairstylist is much more than having yourself or a friend apply your makeup or do your hair. For someone who exclusively works with brides, it’s an entire process from the right skin prep, to color matching, to contour and highlight appropriately, to make sure there is no flash back and that the makeup translates correctly in photography. As well as having your makeup and hair last through the happy tears, hugging and dancing the night away.

You also need your bridal beauty team to offer you professionalism, organization and the skills to operate correctly on your wedding morning. Having your bridal party on a schedule and meeting the needs of everyone and always putting the bride first.

There are many types of Makeup Artists and Hairstylists who specialize in a variety of different niches. Having a Bridal Makeup & Hairstylist serve you and your bridal party for your wedding day is the most ideal scenario for everyone.

Having a bridal beauty team that has worked hundreds of weddings and even more bridal party members is exactly what each bride should strive for on their big day.

The Bridal Beauty Team is a large team of bridal beauty experts exclusively working together for weddings to bring our bridal clients the utmost exclusive bridal beauty experience. Bringing our services to you on your wedding day, the bridal beauty team works together for large bridal parties and apart for smaller bookings.

We have had over 8 years of experience with weddings, much trial and error and many learning experiences. We have taken everything that we have done, learned and experienced over the years and corrected it, tailored it to weddings, created and updated our business policies and procedures and made it our mission to exclusively offer bridal beauty services. We want to continue to provide our brides with the utmost professionalism, organization with our wedding day plans and timelines and a bridal beauty team to offer our brides the ultimate bridal beauty experience. We are continuing to always learn from every bride and bridal party that we serve, whether that be a positive experience or a negative one we are always continuing to improve everything that we do. As we want to provide our brides with the utmost bespoke bridal beauty services and experience that we can, always.

As a bridal makeup and hair specialist, perfection is what I strive for. Getting your bridal makeup and hair done is a process, a luxurious process that will be done with the utmost attention to detail. For me, bridal makeup can not be achieved within a 30 minute timeframe. It is something that needs specific attention to the full process for maximum results. When working on a bride, she is the focus. Everything will need to be done accordingly, for long lasting results. For bridal makeup, it can take me anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to complete a facial as well as a full bridal makeup application. For bridal hair, it can take an hour to an hour and a half depending on the style. For bridal party makeup, an hour is required and for hair anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the hair and the style.

Our job is to make sure our bride is the main focus and that she is relaxed, happy and that her look is everything she had dreamed of. Doing a bridal trial prior to the wedding is always recommended as this is the time to test the makeup and hair, see how you want it and to make sure the correct products are being used for you. After your trial, that is the time for any necessary changes in products or within the look itself. Changes can be made and we want to know everything, this way we can all be happy with the final results.

If you are looking for your dream bridal team for your wedding day, The Blushed Bridal Team offers a luxury bridal makeup and hair that is on location or at the studio.

In reality, it is extremely important to seek out professional wedding vendors for each aspect of your wedding. You wouldn’t hire just anyone to take your photos or have anyone hem your wedding dress would you? NO!!! You want a wedding professional, someone who has done this hundreds upon hundreds of times to provide you with your wedding day dreams. We want your wedding day vision to become a reality and we are happy to go above and beyond for our brides. Are you ready to take your Bridal Beauty Experience to the next level?

Contact us today to inquire about availability for the 2022 bridal season. Most of our Saturday dates for 2022 are booked. With the exception of Friday and Sunday weddings. We are currently booking into 2023 with limited availability. We have had many inquiries for 2024, with that being said we have not open our 2024 bridal season books just yet and we will update our clients as soon as we open them.

Everything we have shared in our blog post is based on the years of experience in the bridal beauty industry and everything we learned over the many years and weddings. We feel that weddings are one of the biggest days of your life and every aspect of your wedding should represent that. Based on what we have experienced in our business and the large number of weddings and brides we have serviced, it is best to choose the bridal experts in all wedding categories. This way you will not have to fret or stress with anything on your wedding day. It is extremely important to identify the professionals in the wedding industry. Each bridal expert should require a retainer fee, a signed contract and should provide you with receipts and various information regarding their services, what they provide and what they offer you for the wedding day. As well as what to expect from them on the day of. Most professionals should provide you with a wedding day plan and timeline of their services and what they will do for you on the day of. Choosing your wedding vendors for your big day shouldn’t be a huge task but I will always recommend to go with your gut. If something doesn’t seem right, if they are ghosting you once you have secured the date with a retainer fee and contract, you should move on and find a replacement. This is your big day and your wedding vendors should vibe with you and make you comfortable and of course trust them. If you decide to opt out of a wedding planner, having a day of or week of coordinator is ideal. This way you can relax and ensure that someone has it all taken care of.

If you are looking for a list of local wedding vendors and recommendations, feel free to contact me for a list of wedding vendors.


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